Professional Services

The importance of Advice

At API we know the importance of making the right financial choices; we also know the value of seeking independent professional advice. When it comes to financial planning and investment management we recommend that you talk to one of our qualified financial advisors.

Good advice from an experienced professional helps you to create a financial plan that is realistic. Your advisor will assess your financial goals, investment time frame, and tolerance for risk and will monitor these over time.

In addition, a financial advisor provides guidance in times of market downturns and personal financial stress, ensuring that your plan is tailored for your changing needs and circumstances.When choosing an advisor it is important that he or she is appropriately qualified and properly registered. At API we take responsibility for our advisors and for ensuring that they fulfil these requirements so that you will have peace of mind when it comes to these issues.

Scientific literature and numerous industry studies shows that the value of financial advice takes different forms from increased financial assets to more subjective indicators such as the feeling of being better prepared for retirement, reduced uncertainty, and increased confidence in being able to take the right financial decisions.

Our Core Business

  • Wealth management for private clients; the process of allocating capital to investments and managing it, internationally and domestically.
  • Financial Planning, which creates the context for relevant wealth management.

Our Range of Services

  • Management of local and offshore investment portfolios.
  • Local and offshore trusts, wills, and estate planning.
  • Management of South African retirement funds: RA’s, living annuities & preservation funds.
  • South African employee retirement/benefit schemes.
  • Domestic & Offshore life assurance.
  • Buy-and-sell agreements and related items.
  • Cash deposits and cash management.
  • South African foreign investment allowances & asset swap facility.
  • Offshore company formation & company administration services.
  • Advice on offshore bank account opening.

Estate Planning

Estate planning should be carefully tailored to meet the individual objectives of an estate planner. It is important that his or her needs and particular circumstances are individually determined and subsequently taken into account.

Estate planning requires a sound knowledge of the tax and legal environment within which one is operating as well as the attributes of the various tools available to the estate planner. This is a constantly changing environment which requires keeping up to date on a number of fronts and an awareness of their implications for an individual’s specific circumstances.

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Investment Planning

One of the most important components of wealth management is striving for the consistent delivery of long-term investment performance tailored to each client’s requirements.

API generally seeks to limit risk through constructing diversified portfolios, typically using collective investment schemes (unit trusts/mutual funds).

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