About Us


About Us

Asset Protection International is a specialist financial advisory company offering an extensive range of investment management and financial planning services to international and Southern African investors.

The firm has an extensive team of professionals and is wholly owned by members of its senior team.

Offshore specialisation has always been, and remains, one of the company’s core competencies. The advice and investment services thus provided reflect our awareness of the global market place.

As independent advisers and investment managers we work closely with a wide range of independent third party financial institutions and fund managers. We actively seek out those financial institutions that display unique competencies in the fast changing world of international financial services, bringing their value to our clients through our investment management services.

Our independence enables us to objectively tailor our services to individual client needs, thus contributing to the creation and protection of their wealth over the long-term. The institutions with which we have dealings globally are typically of “blue chip” status.

Asset Protection International emphasises not only wealth creation, but equally, protection of the accumulated assets of our clients. This emphasis on protection through the use of trusts often plays an important role in the financial planning of investors, enabling them to participate with confidence in investment opportunities within a secure legal framework.

Our Mission

Tailored Solutions

Here at API we strive to provide clients with personalised wealth management solutions of the highest standard, for a reasonable fee, based on care, trust and fairness.

Infrastructure & Investment Framework

API strives to have administrative processes, infrastructure and an investment framework to become the broker house of choice among independent wealth management advisers.

Key Position in Industry

Through these objectives, API strives to extend its position as a highly ethical and reputable independent wealth management practise, and build itself into a business with a significant market share.

Our Philosophy

We acknowledge that each client is different and that needs differ from one client to another. What follows is how we at API see our obligations and our typical role in providing a service to our clients.

The principles of care, trust and fairness to the client outweigh all other considerations. Our commitment is to both responsible investment management and to closely supportive client relationships.Contractually API acts as the client’s agent and represents the client in dealings with financial institutions. We do not represent the interests of any financial institution relationships. The management and control of risk will in most cases take precedence over the pursuit of high investment returns. We are fully compliant investment managers, registered with the SA Financial Services Board, audited by Price Waterhouse Coopers and we carry indemnity insurance. These controls are there to provide peace of mind for our clients.

Client funds are invested directly in the client’s name with the relevant institution. The client is a principal to the contract and API the client’s agent. Our clients regard us as their personal advisers. We make ourselves available to discuss their investment and financial planning matters as they arise. In short ‘old fashioned’ personal service.Managed funds allow the fund manager discretion to allocate to different asset classes working within a risk/return mandate. This provides a built-in management component to ensure that the appropriate balance is being maintained. As part of our commitment to fairness to the client, the bulk of our income is earned from fees for ongoing servicing over the lifetime of an investment rather than from initial placement fees. This ensures that we have a stake in maintaining our service.